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Mark Hughes Intends To Move Fulham Forward

Mark Hughes photo via getty images
Mark Hughes photo via getty images

Today was the press conference for Mark Hughes as he was introduced as Fulham manager. According to the article on the new manager of Fulham is impressed by the organization he is joining. Also, the article states that Hughes intentions is to move Fulham forward.
This article has some great quotes from Mark Hughes which I will highlight. First, he discuss the ambitions of Fulham and his own personal ambitions.

Below are the quotes from Mark Hughes coming from the article.

'It’s been a fantastic couple of years here under Roy [Hodgson], who obviously deserves a lot of credit, but the Club is still ambitious and I certainly have ambitions to always overachieve at every club I’ve been to. I try to raise expectations and exceed them, and that will be no different at Fulham.'

Next, Hughes discusses last season for Fulham, and then mentions the upcoming season in the Premier League.

Below are the quotes from Mark Hughes coming from the article.


'Last season for Fulham was obviously magnificent, and it will be difficult to replicate in terms of domestic competition, but that’s something we’ll certainly aim to do,' he stated.

'Given the focus on Europe [last year], Premier League form wasn’t exceptional, which is understandable, but without the distraction of Europe, we’ll be able to concentrate fully on the Premier League and make sure we finish higher than 12th.'

Finally,  Mark Hughes discusses where Fulham can end up next season and then in future campaigns.

  Below are the quotes from Mark Hughes coming from the article.

'Obviously, we have to be realistic in terms of how high we can actually go, but certainly if we can get into the top 10 this season that will be good progress and then we can build on that in the years to come.'

'I back my ability to get the best out of any group I and the team I bring with me work with. We want to drive the Club forward and make sure that Fulham is a top 10 club on a regular basis. We don’t want the last two years to be stand out seasons in the history of Fulham. We want to build on what’s already been achieved here.'

I think Mark Hughes has made it clear by his statements that his plans are to move Fulham forward. His new era has begun as Fulham manager. I will be following it every step of the way. It should be a an exciting season following the Cottagers. I hope everyone comes along for the ride.