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Bobby Zamora Finally Gets The England Call Up He Deserves: Opinion

Bobby Zamora against Bouremouth. Photo via Getty Images
Bobby Zamora against Bouremouth. Photo via Getty Images

Bobby Zamora got some great news yesterday. He will be playing for England. Fabio Capello announced his 23 man roster for England's friendly match against Hungary Wednesday at Wembley. Bobby Zamora, along with Arsenal players Jack Wilshire, and Kieran Gibbs have been added to the England squad for the first time according to SPORT.CO.UK.   

Last season Bobby Zamora scored 19 goals in all competitions for Fulham. But, I would argue the 19 goals don't indicate just how dominant a player he was last season for Fulham. He was a physical force up front. His presence also helped fellow players like Zoltan Gera and Clint Dempsey. He also had 10 assists in all competitions. He really was a complete player for Fulham last season.

What I found fascinating was that there seemed to be a debate if Bobby Zamora was worthy enough to be included in the World Cup squad .For me this question was a no brainer. Of course Zamora should should have been a part of the England squad. I think they really could have used him.

Unfortunately, Bobby Zamora injured his Achilles and could not participate in the World Cup even if he was included in the England squad.  Zamora was fighting this injury all the way to the Final of the Europa League. In my opinion, he showed what a team player he is by doing whatever it took to play in the latter stages of the Europa League.

I am a firm believer that you need players to buy into the team concept for your club to succeed. Zamora is that type of player. England needs more players like Zamora who just aren't stars. He is a complete player.

His first season with Fulham,  Zamora scored only four goals with the club. He did get some criticism for his perceived lack of performance in the 2008 - 2009 season. However, Roy Hodgson always seemed to talk about what a great job Zamora was doing even though he wasn't scoring goals. For some reason Zamora just couldn't finish that season.

That all changed in the 2009 - 2010 season for Zamora. Many of his goals were very pivotal for Fulham. For example, against Birmingham he scored on a free kick and Fulham won in dramatic fashion. Against Juventus with Fulham losing at Craven Cottage, Zamora scored a goal that got Fulham going. There were so many situations like that last season when Zamora came through.

But, as I mentioned prior Zamora's play last season was not all about scoring. He also assisted on goals that helped Fulham in victories. I have one that stands out. Again it was against Juventus at Craven Cottage. He made this incredible pass to Simon Davies which led to a dramatic goal by Zoltan Gera.

So as I was watching England play in the World Cup I thought to myself what kind of impact would Bobby Zamora had on those matches? We will never know. But, if you ask me it wouldn't have been a shock to me to see Zamora make a difference.           

I look forward to watching the England match against Hungary. I am hoping to see Bobby Zamora play. Whether he plays or not he deserved the England call up.