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Andy Johnson Expected Back In Four Weeks

Andrew Johnson photo via Getty Images
Andrew Johnson photo via Getty Images

With Bobby Zamora going down with a long term injury some good news regarding another Fulham striker was just revealed. According to the Fulham Chronicle, Andy Johnson is expected back in four weeks.

Johnson was out for the majority of the season last year. The story mentions that the 29 year old striker could be available for the Tottenham Hotspur match next month at Craven Cottage. This information on the time-frame is according to manager Mark Hughes who is also quoted in the Fulham Chronice post.

Below is the quote from Mark Hughes which comes from the Fulham Chronicle article.

Hughes said, 'Andy should be back in four weeks.'


As you can imagine this is great news regarding Johnson. When Johnson is healthy he is a quality option up front for Fulham. I will be following the Johnson progress and will have updates on his situation.