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Chris Baird Signs New Contract With Fulham

Chris Baird photo via getty images
Chris Baird photo via getty images

Fulham continue to re-sign their current players. Last week the club signed Bobby Zamora. This week Fulham have signed one of their defenders. According to the official Fulham Fottball Club website, Chris Baird has signed a new agreement with Fulham. He will now be at Fulham until the summer of 2013.

Chris Baird is a 28 year old defender from Northern Ireland. He has played several positions at Fulham, but he is best known as a defender. The best way to describe Chris Baird would be versatile and dependable. He has been with Fulham since the summer of 2007. He was very valuable last season especially when filling in for players that went down with injuries. He has featured in defense and midfield. This is another great signing for Fulham.