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Ten Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week 9/15

Each week I write a post about different thoughts I have about Fulham. There certainly is plenty to write about this week. Fulham got their first victory of the season with a 2-1 win against Wolverhampton at Craven Cottage.This week also saw the terrible injury to Bobby Zamora. I also witnessed a player that I think has star potential in Moussa Dembele. I will be discussing those subjects and many more. Below are my " Ten Things I Think About Fulham Football Club".    

1. Fulham really earned their first victory of the season against Wolverhampton.  Fulham came from behind last Saturday to beat Wolverhampton 2-1 at Craven Cottage. Fulham had much to overcome in this game to get the win. They got behind early in the match 1 - 0. Midway through the first half Bobby Zamora got injured, and needed to be taken off. At the half many teams would not have been able to rally, and overcome the adversity that Fulham had in the first half.

Well, Fulham came out strong in the second half, and got the equalizer early from Moussa Dembele. However, Fulham had to push and grind the rest of the game to try to get the victory. It took until stoppage time for Moussa Dembele to get the game winner on a free kick. Fulham never gave up in this game, and continuously pushed forward. There is no question they earned this victory.

2. Fulham can overcome the Bobby Zamora injury.  Zamora had surgery on his broken leg and probably will not be back until 2011. At first glance you could think Fulham are going to be in trouble. I think it is a setback, but I do believe that Fulham will be able to survive the time that Zamora is out.

Fulham dealt with injuries very well last season. This is a team that is not about one player. Zamora's other teammates I think can make up the difference in scoring in his absence. First, you have the emergence of Moussa Dembele who has already shown the ability to score and set up opportunities for his teammates. Second, Zoltan Gera has shown the ability to be a weapon at striker. Third, Andy Johnson is expected back in a month's time. When healthy Johnson can be a viable option as a potential goal scorer.

I really think Fulham will be fine, and Zamora being out does not change my prediction of a top 7 finish for Fulham.

3. Signing Bobby Zamora to a long term contract is a great move for Fulham.  Fulham continue to lock up some of their best players to long term contracts. Fulham signed Bobby Zamora to a contract that will see him at Craven Cottage until the summer of 2014. Fulham will now have a striker who is still in his prime. The future looks bright for the Cottagers.

4. Chris Baird shows again why he is a valuable member of the team. John Pantsil struggled against Wolverhampton in the first half. Mark Hughes made a change in the second half and brought on Chris Baird at right back. He is such a dependable player who can play multiple positions. 

He has the ability to play at defender or in the midfield. This flexibility to play at different positions is so valuable for the team.Fulham made a smart move by signing Chris Baird to a long term contract.

5. As predicted the rumors regarding Mark Schwarzer's future continue this week.  According to the Daily Mail Fulham could be interested in Julian Speroni as a potential replacement for Schwarzer this January. The article is suggesting that Arsenal could make a move for Schwarzer in January. 

6. What position will Clint Dempsey be playing this week for Fulham?  Clint can play multiple positions for Fulham. He can be featured in the midfield or at striker. I think he is better in the midfield. 

The question is where will Mark Hughes put Dempsey this week? Hughes likes to have players that can play multiple positions. I will be curious to see where Dempsey is lined up against Blackburn.

7. I am hoping we see Carlos Salcido this week at left back. I was hoping to see Salcido last week against Wolverhampton. Reportedly he had problems coming back from Mexico from international duty. Stephen Kelly has done a good job at left back, but I don't think he is the solution there. Salcido I have heard great things about, and hope to see him soon playing for Fulham.

8. I can't wait for the return of Andy Johnson.  It has been reported that Andy Johnson could be back playing for Fulham in a month. Fulham need another option at striker, and Johnson I think still has much to offer. With Zamora out for awhile he could be the solution to the issue at striker until Bobby returns in 2011.

9. Moussa Dembele has the potential to be a superstar with Fulham. I really did not know much about him prior to coming to Fulham. In a very short period of time it is obvious when he touches the ball that something good can happen. He has showed the ability to score and also set up his teammates for goal scoring opportunities. He can also play in the midfield and at striker. Fulham could have a player that is about to become a superstar in the sport.

10. Fulham need to get a victory Saturday at Blackburn. I know I think this for every road game, but Fulham desperately need a victory on the road. Blackburn will not be easy, but it is time for Fulham to win on the road. If Fulham have ambitions of a top seven finish they need to win away from the Cottage.

 Well, those are my thoughts of the week. I am sure I will have plenty to write about next week.