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Fulham Earned A Point With A 1-1 Draw At Ewood Park

Clint Dempsey's header against Blackburn. This photo is via Getty Images.
Clint Dempsey's header against Blackburn. This photo is via Getty Images.

Fulham are proving to be tough to beat on the road. They started off rough, and gave up a controversial goal in the first half by Chris Samba. But, they continued to push forward, and in the second half got their equalizer from Clint Dempsey on a beautiful header that got by the goalkeeper Paul Robinson. After giving up the goal in the first half Fulham really played well. Unfortunately, they could not get a game winner. Fulham earned a point with a 1-1 draw at Ewood Park. 

The first half saw Blackburn start off fast and control the play. Fulham did not have a chance to score until the 12th minute when Clint Dempsey had a free kick outside of the box. Unfortunately his shot went far wide.

Blackburn's strong start led to a goal. In the 30th minute, the Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson took a free kick from a long distance away. Robinson's kick landed in the box. Chris Samba got a touch on it, and shot it into the net. However, on this play Mark Schwarzer appeared to be fouled. No foul was given and the goal stood. Blackburn at this point were ahead 1 - 0.

Fulham would finally get going shortly after giving up the goal. Their best chance of the first half came in the 36th minute. Carlos Salcido had a nice shot on net that was saved by Paul Robinson. He was just outside of the box, and it was a good opportunity for Fulham.

For the last 15 minutes of the half Fulham really controlled the play. However, they were not able to equalize, and the half ended with Blackburn leading 1-0

In the second half Fulham came out strong, and were really pushing to get the equalizing goal. In the 48th minute Simon Davies had a great opportunity to score.Unfortunately, his free kick in a dangerous area just went over the net.

The hard work that Fulham were putting in finally paid off in the 56th minute. Carlos Salcido was on the left side just outside the box. His cross was wonderfully headed in by Clint Dempsey. This was a goal that Fulham definitely deserved. The game was now level at 1-1.

The last 30 minutes saw the play pretty even among the two teams. Both clubs had plenty of possession. It turned into a pretty interesting game. Fulham did have one really good chance for victory late in the match. In the 84th minute, Danny Murphy had a free kick that was just outside of the box. His shot just went wide. His attempt was not far off from being on net. 

The game ended after four minutes of stoppage time with game tied. Fulham and Blackburn played a very entertaining 1-1 draw.

Both teams probably deserved a point from this match. However, as a fan of Fulham I was very encouraged by the play of the club. Again, they came from behind and just kept pushing forward. Even without Bobby Zamora, Fulham were able to play an offensive style of football. Fulham keep improving and the season has just begun. This could be another great season to follow Fulham Football Club.