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Ten Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week 9/27


Each week I write a post about different thoughts I have about Fulham. I apologize for missing a week, but I am ready to let you know what is on my mind regarding the Cottagers. There certainly is plenty to write about. Fulham lost their first match this season to Stoke City in the Carling Cup. They also had another draw over the weekend against Everton at home. Fulham also lost Moussa Dembele for a few weeks with an injury in the Stoke game. I will be discussing those subjects and many more. Below are my " Ten Things I Think About Fulham Football Club".    

1. It might be a blessing in disguise with the loss to Stoke City in the Carling Cup. Fulham lost their first match of the season last Tuesday on the road. I don't like to see Fulham lose, but in the end the loss could help the team. Fulham played so many matches last season. For awhile they will now be playing about a game a week. This will help the club concentrate on what is most important and that is the EPL.

I still think Fulham have the ability to fight for a European spot this season. If they can end the season seventh or better that would probably get them back into Europe. I want them to get back in the Europa League. Playing less games could help them in completing this goal.

2. I think Fulham were very lucky with the injury to Moussa Dembele. This player I believe has the potential to be a real star in the EPL. With Fulham losing Bobby Zamora for the long term, if Moussa Dembele was going to be out for the same time it could have been devastating for the club. Reportedly he might only be out up to three weeks.

Fulham can survive Dembele being out in the short term. Hopefully someone will step up, and help create some goal scoring opportunities in Dembele's absence.  

3. The Everton draw was predictable. Fulham on Saturday played a 0-0 draw with Everton at Craven Cottage. Without Bobby Zamora and Moussa Dembele up front who was going to score the goals for Fulham? Unfortunately the answer was no one. Fulham will struggle to score I think until Dembele returns. I believe fans need to be realistic that the next couple of games could be similar to the Everton draw.  

4. I feel Carlos Salcido is an upgrade compared to Paul Konchesky. I have seen enough from Salcido that I believe that Fulham are better off now at left back. Salcido is a complete two way player. He is solid on defense and has the ability to push forward. His crosses have already led to goals. Salcido makes me feel confident that it is only a matter of time before he is involved with more goals. I am thrilled with what I have seen from Salcido.

5. Diomansy Kamara could be very valuable to Fulham this season. With all of the striker issues it was great to see Kamara return to the pitch. I have seen him score some key goals in the past for Fulham. He could be a factor at the striker position in the short term. I am glad he is still with Fulham.   

6. I think Clint Dempsey is more comfortable in the midfield. He has done a decent job filling in at striker, but I don't think that position is meant for him. When he moved back in the midfield during the Everton game I thought the team played better. 

7. I think John Pantsil is on his way out at Fulham. He has been replaced the last few games at right back. I don't know if he will see much action this season. He is obviously gotten out of favor with Mark Hughes. I like Pantsil as a player, and hope at some point he can get back on the pitch for Fulham. However, right now I would be surprised to see him anytime soon.   

8. I would love to see Andy Johnson be back this week for the West Ham match. Reportedly he could be back very soon for Fulham. Johnson I still think has the ability to score goals. Fulham need a proven goal scorer right now. Let's hope he is available this Saturday on the road.

9. It is time for a win on the road.  I think I say this every week. This is the week that Fulham win on the road. Fulham have a great opportunity against West Ham. This is a team they can beat on the road. I know Fulham are short of goal scorers, but they still should figure out a way to get a victory.

10. Liverpool need to be patient with Roy Hodgson.  I wrote about Hodgson last week. The former Fulham manager is stuggling at Liverpool. It is too early I think to panic for Liverpool fans. I really believe he will get them moving in the right direction. It just might take some time. It is a long season, and I think by the end of the year Liverpool fans could be happy with the results. I still see them ending in the top seven or better.   

Well, I certainly had much on my mind this week. I am sure there will be plenty to write about next week.