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Links To Posts And Stories About Fulham Football Club

As a fan of the Cottagers I am constantly looking for posts and stories about Fulham. I wanted to share with everyone what I am reading. There are many great Fulham fan's sites that have very interesting posts. Also, there is constant news from many sources about the team. I will be giving you links on posts and stories related to the club. 

If you would like me to have a links post on semi regular basis please let me know in the comments section. If everyone enjoys these posts I certainly will do more. Here are the links to posts and stories about Fulham Football Club.      

ESPN Soccernet has a story that Fulham are putting together friendlies for Andy Johnson to help him get back to match fitness. 

The Official Fulham website has a great post that Andy Johnson and Diomansy Kamara both have a chance to step up at the striker position. 

The Official Fulham Website has an interview with young striker Lauri Dalla Valle. This was a very interesting Q and A session with Dalle Valle. I would highly recommend reading it.  

The Offside Fulham has a post about Damien Duff and his decline. This post has a very interesting breakdown of his performance in the Everton match. 

The Official Fulham website has a great post about Italian striker Marcello Trotta.

The Daily Mail has a story that Mark Hughes is hoping that Mark Schwarzer signs a new agreement with Fulham. has an interesting post about Fulham's performance against Everton.