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Bobby finally crosses moral borderline

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We've seen it before and we'll no doubt see it again. Jimmy Bullard got a taste of the high life in 2008 after becoming Fabio Capello's joker card, literally, in a World Cup qualifying match against Andorra. He didn't feature in the tie but his effervescent grin illuminated a pre-match press conference and he got an addiction for the big time.

Subsequently, he moved to Hull City in order to increase his weekly income twofold. Few could argue it was a move founded upon football reasoning.

While he may have avoided a public dressing-down from Mohammed Al Fayed in doing so, which, in fairness, is difficult to do if you upset him even to the slightest degree, he didn't steer clear of the Fulham fan's discontent. He got it from all angles - even Roy Hodgson chipped in with his characteristic charm.

It would seem, however, that for all the anger we've felt as fans of our club over the years - Mark Hughes and Lawrie Sanchez to name but a few - Bobby Zamora seemingly wants to get in on the act. He wants to prove to us all that there really is no loyalty in football any more.

Of course, it's difficult to truly comment on speculation. It's been widely reported that manager, Martin Jol, and Bobby Zamora have had a couple's tiff. Supposedly, it stems from the tactics of our new manager, and how Zamora feels they're not quite as stupendous as they should be.

By all accounts, he may be onto something. We haven't enjoyed a thrilling start to the season despite possessing what Brede Hangeland calls the best Fulham side he's witnessed since joining. Jol hasn't quite mastered the role, naming it his 'hardest job in management', while offering consistent scapegoats in the age of the squad and the lack of firepower.

He's still the man in charge though, and he has more credentials than Zamora can acclaim to. Not only did he take Tottenham Hotspur to a lasagne's width away from Champions League football, but he's reinvigorated minor Dutch sides such as Roda JC and RKC Waalwijk.

Who's Zamora to undermine him? An England international, yes, but is he even captain? Does he even deserve his role in the starting line up at any rate?

Because, while the bust-ups could be authentic rumour-mongering, his lackluster performances have been free for all to observe. Whether he feels his boots are too big for Fulham, or whether he simply can't put his differences behind him, the striker has been lethargic, demotivated and purely invisible on the football pitch.

Even in the win against Liverpool, he appeared disinterested and incapable of putting together some sort of traceable enthusiasm. Perhaps he forgot we were paying him almost three times more in a week than anyone in the crowd earned in a year. The fans had paid to watch their beloved Fulham perform, but if he's not prepared to put in a respectable shift, then why should he have a place in the first eleven?

And I'm not just speaking about a lack of goals. Even his hold up play isn't prevalent. He just doesn't want to play, and what right does he have to do that?

He's crossed the moral line and it's genuinely disappointing that he's done so. Zamora is a player of boundless ability and is a rare breed in these Premier League days of foreign imports and financial bafflement, but, unfortunately, his latest misdemeanor isn't anything we can consider rare at all.

He wants to go and we shouldn't step in his way. That he is such an integral part of our team becomes irrelevant when he won't even fulfil his duty.

Fair enough Bobby, don't play for Jol, but you should at least play for Fulham. Either that, or it's Hull City for you.