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Storm in a teacup over Stockdale - Link roundup

Threatening to quit? The target of Ferguson and/or Wenger? Probably not. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?
Threatening to quit? The target of Ferguson and/or Wenger? Probably not. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

David Stockdale has become the latest player to learn that anything you post on Twitter can end up filling column inches the following morning, as journalists remain glued to the social networking site for the faintest sniff of a 'story'.

Stockdale (@davidhectoruk) posted this yesterday:

Hope I can challenge for number 1 spot next year if not I will have to evaluate my future as MS is looking in good shape at 39

Predictably this led to a flurry of articles, with the headlines ranging from "Stockdale weighing up options" to the more extreme "Stockdale quit threat". 

Stockdale went on to clarify his comments, his frustration at the press increasingly clear:

Calling all press!!!! Stockdale does NOT want to leave Fulham!!!! END OF!!!

Unsurprisingly, that post wasn't featured in the morning papers. took the story and ran with it. Quite a long way, in fact. "Wenger and Ferguson to battle for Premiership keeper," screams the headline, before going on to pad out the story with even more speculation than other outlets managed. 

The Daily Mail has confirmation that Fulham have completed a deal with Darlington for Dan Burn. The deal could earn the conference side up to £2 million over Burn's career.

The Mail also reports on the possibility of Fulham qualifying for Europe via the Fair Play league

Aaron Hughes says Fulham will be looking to shrug off the disappointment of losing at Old Trafford and produce a "big finish" to the Premier League season. 

“We’re two points away from the 40-point marker, which is traditionally the cut off point for league safety," Hughes told the official club website.

"We’ll have to see if that is the marker again this season, what with the league being so tight. But there’s no mistake that those are big games for us and hopefully we can put the defeat at Old Trafford behind us and end the season in a strong position."

"Certainly, if we can come away from those three games with a couple of wins then we’ll be in a good place for the final run-in. It will be a challenge, but one we’ll be ready to meet," he said.

It's looking very unlikely that Zoltan Gera will still be at the Cottage next season but a report today suggests he may leave England altogether, despite earlier stories linking him with various Premier League clubs.

Gera has struggled for game time under the management of Mark Hughes and says he's looking for a change of scenery as well as a change of club. "I want to change country with my family," he said. "I would like to play in Spain, Italy or Germany and try myself in a different environment. I like new challenges."