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We're All Going On a European Tour!

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We have finally been put out of our never-ending misery; Fulham FC will play European football in the 2011/12 campaign. 

Amid all the rumours and amateur calculations, plenty of fabrication was illuminated far and wide that Blackpool might take our spot or that Tottenham may have to qualify in our space. 

Eventually though, it has been officially confirmed that Fulham have qualified for the Europa League through England's Fair Play League. We finished above Blackpool, albeit marginally, and Tottenham did, as we all know, finish 5th and therefore qualify without the aid of a favourable disciplinary record.

Despite the euphoria, a few may be concerned about the worryingly early start; late June to be exact, with the first qualifier due to be played on the 30th.

However, there's every chance it could be as fruitful as last time so, hopefully, Hughes will place as much importance on our third European escapade as Hodgson did towards the latter stages of 09/10.

Who's looking forward to May 2012 already?