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Rumours in Brief

A wave goodbye?
A wave goodbye?

Chairman Mohammed Al Fayad and manager Mark Hughes have made their summer intentions clear with a £10.4 million bid for Espanyol striker Daniel Osvaldo while reports to the contrary suggest that Hughes could be on his way out given the news of Gerard Houllier's imminent Aston Villa departure.

Despite the hefty sum tabled by Fulham, Espanyol have reportedly turned down the $12 million offer amid claims that the bid is unsatisfactory and that "Osvaldo is happy" with life at the Spanish club. The Barcelona-based side are supposedly seeking a deal closer to £17.5 million ($20 million). Tottenham are also said to be erring over a decision to throw money at the Italian-Argentine, but, the more significant finding from these rumours would be the blatant belief shown by both chairman and gaffer that this club is on the up.

However, Mark Hughes, despite ruling himself out earlier in the season, is odds on to take the Aston Villa job which has become available after Houllier confirmed he could no longer carry the burden of Premier League management. Even though the Welsh manager, who has endured relative success in what is only his first season in South West London, is in the middle of talks about a new deal a Craven Cottage, Villa chiefs have highlighted him as their ideal candidate. Whether he'd go is another question.