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Jol Gets to Speak Out

Bongarts/Getty Images

Martin Jol was finally unveiled to the awaiting press yesterday afternoon in an event of giggles, deft verbal assaults and a generally reserved question and answer session. On this occasion, Mohammed Al Fayed was not the source of the laughter, after his money-waving antics upon Hughes' appointment last year, but the Ducthman himself, who handled his return to English media with expected assuredness.

Whilst not providing the most dumbfounding of spectacles with his official unveiling, the former Spurs manager did confirm some of our concerns and inquisitions while playing his cards so closely to his chest on transfers, that to an outsider he may have appeared to be resuscitating himself.

Jol has welcomed his return to the British Isles with an abundance of compliments; not just for the country but, more specifically, the club of his choice, and arguably, the club of his choice one year ago.

Speaking to, Jol said: "I love England, I was in Walsall and I loved it, even though maybe it's not the best place. Everyone knows I wanted to come back to England. When I left Spurs I said I was like Arnold Schwarzenegger - 'I'll be back' - and now I am.

"For me, Fulham is a very traditional club and one that has a lot of potential. They had a very good season last year, and we all know how well they did the season before that one too.

"I have a really good feeling about this Club and I want to help add to that success. Fulham is happy, I am happy and hopefully we will stay that way. I am very much looking forward to the challenge and it's certainly an exciting time for us all."

In the midst of confirming his adoration for England and London, Jol went a long way to ease our 'stepping stone' fears, stating that he plans to stay for "three or four years".

He also plans to be an advocate of the attractive game, whilst bringing fresh, and young, blood to Craven Cottage: "It's a good squad [with] good, experienced players with a couple of young exciting players like [Moussa] Dembele who I know very well from Holland," Jol said.

"Four or five players left the club. We need strength in depth so we probably need a similar number of players - four or five."

The former Ajax boss, gladly, couldn't be dragged into a deep war of words with Damien Comolli, the man whom most blame for his sour departure from Tottenham Hotspur. He didn't leave without setting his own stance, saying he was left "bruised", but certainly didn't get drawn into any potential diatribe with the now Liverpool director of football.

The Europa League was also a popular topic at the press conference, Jol stating the early rounds would be like "a friendly game with a serious touch". Not quite the level of desire some would request, but it's understandable nonetheless. That he has an interest in Europe at all is a blessing without disguise.

"This is only the second or third time Fulham have been in Europe," he said.

"So I could have said let's start [training] early in June but I thought it was a bad idea. You could consider it a friendly game with a serious touch.

"It's an interesting draw that's for sure. We will prepare accordingly. We have a busy few days ahead of us, but that's the job we have been given."

This formal introduction to our new boss may have hardly been a circus show, but his clear intent and his lovable nature did palpably shine through. Onwards and upwards, as they say!