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Fulham 0 - 0 RNK Split

Getty Images

I'd offer some insight, but I was busy at work doing work-related things during the game.

Here's the highlights.

Amazing how much larger the field looks compared to the Crusaders' vaunted 4G Pitch or, even, the Cottage.

Aesthetically and realistically, it's not the best of results. Split apparently enjoyed a good bit of possession and, all thinks considered, you'd like to nick a goal on the road.

Still, returning to the Cottage on level pegging is a nice enough spot to be in.

Pajtim Kasami made his debut for Fulham in the 82nd minute, replacing Bobby Zamora. Martin Jol went on record earlier this week with not-so-feint praise for the young, Swiss midfielder.

"Not everybody in England will know [how highly thought of he is]," explained Jol.

"He is a great talent and there were a few other clubs - big clubs as well - after him. It was nice to snatch him from other clubs' grasp."

Recent signing Marcel Gecov also managed to find himself on the bench in what looked to be a very full-strength Fulham squad.

The Whites will host their Croatian opponents in the second leg of the tie next Thursday, with the winner advancing through two-legged qualifying to... another two-legged match in the Europa League's play-off round.