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Fulham At The Half... Down By Two At Wolves

Getty Images

Fairly dire.

Shots: Wolves 8 | Fulham 4

For perspective, Villa had seven last week.

Possession: Wolves 52 - 48 Fulham

Wolves aren't even much of a possession team, making this a little more dire than just a slight edge. Very direct, straight forward.

Fouls: Wolves 1 | Fulham 6

Behind in possession against an aggressive, direct team. A little behind the game. Fulham really need to earn some fouls, threaten a bit more

Score: 2-0 Wolves

ESPN's GameCenter has Duff with the highest average position at half, ahead of even Andy Johnson. Has anyone seen Danny Murphy? Is he on the pitch? Oh wait, he's on the story photo.

Two subs at half, Dembele for Kasmi, who's been relatively poor, and Sidwell for Etuhu.