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A Belated, Begrudging Recap: Fulham 1 - 1 Norwich

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Familiar sight, eh?

Not just the scoreline, but the manner it was reached as well. A lead held long. A lead squandered late.

A number of players looked bright. Kerim Frei is a revelation. Orlando Sa showed signs of life for the first time in the opening half. Stephen Kelly continues to be a pleasant surprise. David Stockdale has the goods.

But everything collapsed at the end. Moussa Dembele and Clint Dempsey were notably not their typically vibrant selves. There were moments of creativity, but they were few and far between.

The Whites controlled the first half, and the opposite occurred in the second. A point apiece was, sadly, a fair outcome.

It's been calm so far today, but don't expect that to last. Transfer season has begun. Another fixture is on the horizon.

Tomorrow, we may be the (un)lucky observers first able to see the aged, but still dangerous, Thierry Henry hit the pitch for Arsenal. Is there another player who looks so calm, languid and villainous on the field? Moving as though he were plotting some heist.

I vote no. He had the third most goals in Major League Soccer last year, but by far the best shooting percentage of top scorers. I watched him juggle a ball down the left flank against the Galaxy for about 25 yards before a defender closed him down. That was against the league champions, and best defense in MLS.

Hopefully he's marked a little tighter at the Cottage.