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Bullard: Hull showed they wanted me, Fulham the other way

Former Fulham man admits he loved his time at the club, but Hull City showed more desire for his signature.

Jamie McDonald - Getty Images

Jimmy Bullard has admitted that leaving Fulham was a very hard decision but the club, aware of his troubling knee, were cautious in offering him a deal while Hull City offered him "life-changing" terms.

The player spoke out about his career and, more importantly, his regrets, in an interview with talkSport after the announcement of his retirement from football.

Although he does admit that the Hull offer was practically too good to turn down, he holds a distinct affection for Fulham and was sad to leave the club at the time, and under the circumstances he did.

Asked if he regretted leaving Craven Cottage, Bullard said: "I did, yeah, I loved it there.

"I had fourteen months left on my contract and it was a bit of a nightmare position for me."

Behind the scenes, Fulham were understandably hesitant about offering the midfielder a new deal but, from the outside looking in, it looked distinctly like the former Wigan Athletic man was chasing money more than anything else.

It's a view, however, that the player is keen on disproving.

"I had a bad knee. I think Fulham were obviously a bit scared of giving me a new contract and Hull offered me a life-changing contract.

"Hull really, really, really showed that they wanted me and Fulham the other way really. At the time, it made my decision a lot easier."

Not that Bullard holds any disdain at his former club.

"My time at Fulham was absolutely fantastic. I loved it, and I still live ten minutes up the road from there so it's always been my home and my home club.

"So yeah, it was a hard decision."