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Jol: Spurs' Dempsey wanted to be appreciated financially

Fulham boss dismisses former player's suggestion that he wasn't loved at the club.

Jamie McDonald

Fulham manager Martin Jol has hit back at claims that Clint Dempsey wasn't appreciated at the club by saying that nothing could have stopped him from leaving Craven Cottage.

Dempsey said during the week that he didn't feel valued by Fulham and this factor fueled his pursuit of a move away from SW6.

Jol, though, when questioned about his former player's comments, was having none of it.

"We did everything we could do so there are no regrets," the Fulham boss said.

"He wanted to be appreciated financially and he wanted a bigger club, a Champions League club, and that is what he probably got with Spurs.

"He didn't feel appreciated financially, but I am not the one deciding over the contracts.

"He said it time after time again that he wanted to go to a Champions League club.

"Even when I said in my last conversation with him that I loved him, it was not good enough to keep him here."

The Dutchman went on to dismiss the notion that Dempsey's move was borne out of a desire to feel more valued.

"You know what he wanted. He wanted to go to a Champions League club.

"If you feel appreciated, you would like maybe to stay at Fulham so there is a contradiction there.

"I think he felt loved but he still wanted to move, but of course I understand what he means.

"From the first day he came back from holiday he didn't want to play here. He wanted to move so of course you can force the issue and then come up with things.

"But hopefully he will get over it and hopefully he will feel loved at Spurs."