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Schwarzer wants two more years

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Mark Schwarzer has admitted that he'd like to carry on playing football at the top level for at least another two seasons.

The Australian goalkeeper signed a new deal with Fulham until 2013, thus keeping the in-form David Stockdale out of the side for at least another year. Stockdale, Schwarzer's understudy, has proven himself a strong candidate for the number one spot in the former Middlesbrough stopper's injury induced absence, but the 39 year-old remains resolute and his damningly consistent performances continue to keep Stockdale at arms length.

Now though, his goalkeeping monopoly could carry on yet further.

"It's great, I am living the dream," Schwarzer said of his reign as Fulham's first choice.

"I am playing football at the highest level and I am almost 40 years old. There are not too many of us that can say that so I am still playing because I love playing.

"As long as you love playing and you're still good enough to play at this level then I want to continue.

"I still have ambitions to go and represent Australia in another World Cup in 2014, that is my ultimate goal and I am working towards it."