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Jol not sure on Davies future

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It was on eve of the visit to Simon Davies' old stomping ground that the question of the Welshman's future was flung to Fulham manager Martin Jol. He responded in his somewhat trademark cautionary tone, neither affirming or denying the possibility that the 2011/12 season will be his last at Craven Cottage.

There was an underlying tone to his answer, though, that suggested Davies would indeed be a Fulham player no more after the summer has elapsed. The winger has been something of a bit-part player throughout Jol's reign but this was, on the most part, due to his injury enforced absence earlier in the campaign.

Since returning he hasn't broken into the first team in the manner which he is accutsomed to, after proving a stalwart under previous managers Roy Hodgson and Mark Hughes.

Jol seemed to feel no sympathy, however, citing his ageing squad as a reason for the changing times.

"He was involved at first, but was injured for eight, nine months," said the Fulham manager. "Then I took him back.

"But I've got a few youngsters and I don't want to just create a space for the older players all the time - and I think I had to do this from the start of the season.

"The only youngster playing here was Matthew Briggs and the average age was 31, so it was the oldest team in Europe."

"[Davies] is a great boy.

"He can play on the left, on the right, or in midfield and I can even use him as a right back like I did before, so yes, he could still have a future here.

"If they give their best, then there's no problem with me. But you have to ask him if he wants to stay, I don't know."