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Chadli rumours persist

Bongarts/Getty Images

The link between Nacer Chadli and a £3 million move to Fulham persisted yesterday, with the Daily Mail reporting that the winger's agent, Daniel Evrad, stated the transfer was a virtual certainty. Since, however, validity of the source and of the agent's translation has been questionable.

Rumours have been abound for months of Martin Jol's interest in the FC Twente winger, having witnessed the 22 year old's talents while in charge at Ajax. Jol hasn't been the only party supposedly after Chadli, though, with Tottenham Hotspur also chasing him.

The Mail article, however, suggests that the player's agent has all-but-confirmed that Fulham will be Chadli's final destination.

"He has a 99 per cent chance of leaving with Fulham his destination," said Evrad.

Some sources claim that these weren't the exact words of Evrad, though, and that Fulham were never mentioned. What is considered certain, nonetheless, is that Chadli will not be a Twente player come season's end.