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Lazio can't agree upfront payment for Yilmaz so Trabzonspor start negotiations with Fulham

Bongarts/Getty Images

Ali Egesel has told an Italian newspaper that Lazio are still very keen on Yilmaz and want to get a deal finalised. The issue is although they've now agreed to pay the upfront payment in 2 instalments rather than 4, Trabsonspor still want all of the EU 5 million up front.

Ali Egesel is due to fly to Milan today to meet with officials of Lazio to discuss the deal in more detail and try to get the 5 million all paid up front.

Trabzonspor though are now becoming tired of the protracted deal and Yilmaz's agent has confirmed they are now in neogotiations with Fulham.

It appears that the race for Yilmaz's signature is now between Fulham and Lazio but my feeling is that his agent is using our interest to push Lazio into agreeing the payment plan that Trabzonspor want.

The deal is not dead yet for Fulham but as long as Lazio can agree the fee with Trabsonspor, I fear his Lazio bound.