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Qatari Royal family set to grab stake in Fulham?

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Rumours have been circulating over the past two days that the Qatari Royal family are willing to buy out a 49% share in Fulham and, quite audaciously, the deal could be tied up within a week.

The Qatari's have a distinct connection with current owner, Mohammed Al Fayed, having bought his Harrods store from him for an estimated £1.5 billion in May of 2010 and are willing to reignite their friendship with the Egyptian. Having already made investments in Spain, with Malaga, and France, with Paris St Germain, they are thought to be particularly keen on creating a flagship within the Premier League. Newcastle United were originally sounded out as their preferred destination but the group are intent on creating a legacy - something they feel is more attainable in SW6.

If the rumours are to be believed - which, in truth, you probably shouldn't - it is expected that Al Fayed will still have control over the club and will make all the necessary decisions to keep Fulham within the means required for the new Financial Fair Play regulations. With just under half the share in the club, the Qatari's will merely push money into the club and seek some sort of return. There has been talk of a possible £40 million budget this summer.