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Has Clint Dempsey gone to Liverpool?

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Mixed reports have been revealed today over the future of Fulham midfielder Clint Dempsey after Fenway Sports confirmed the Amercian as a Liverpool player, only for Fulham to swiftly deny this was the case.

A statement was released from Fenway Sports Group, the company in control of Liverpool, which spoke of two additions to the squad - namely, Fabio Borini and Clint Dempsey - ahead of their tour of North America. However, the article has now been amended and Dempsey's name removed. You can find that here.

Following this revelation, an FFC source quickly moved to quash the suggestion that a deal has already been agreed. Instead, he told talkSport, no bid has even been made for the midfielder's services.

More than likely, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle - as it always does. No matter how arrogant or slow, it is unlikely that Fenway would make such a conformation public without at least an inkling of belief that he will sign for them over the coming days. There have been strong claims over the course of the evening that a £10 million bid from Anfield has been placed and that Fulham will not take long to mull over it - especially considering Dempsey could leave for nothing in a year's time.

However, the statement would not have been amended if there was substantial truth behind it. What this all means is that things are still finely in the balance. Dempsey will probably go, so much seems obvious now, but it's a case of when and for how much.