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Fulham have turned down an offer from Man Utd for Dembele and Real Madrid now have interest

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Dutch paper De Telegraph are reporting that Fulham have turned down an offer of € 10 million earlier this summer from Manchester United and now Real Madrid have expressed an interest.

Jan de Visser, who acts on behalf of SP International, Dembele's agent, said that Utd's offer was turned down earlier this summer. Madrid's interest has come about after they have tired of Spurs games, asking for 40 million for Modric which they are not prepared to go to. De Visser also goes on to say there is plenty of interest from other top clubs so it looks like Dembele will definitely be going but Fulham will get their asking price which is in excess of £ 10 million.

Dembele has excelled in the last year playing in a central midfield position and I'd have loved to see him sign a new contract but sadly with one year left, we need to receive the biggest fee to re-invest in the squad.