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Welcome to the new look Cottagers Confidential

As you may have noticed, Cottagers Confidential has undergone a face lift and is looking snappier, sharper and more interesting than ever.

Julian Finney - Getty Images

Welcome to the new, snazzy layout for Cottagers Confidential.

We hope it's to your liking and makes visiting this site, and all others in the huge, vast, SBNation network, easier, more interesting and more approachable. The core elements, of course, are the same. We at Cottagers Confidential will bring you news, opinions and everything else on Fulham FC - it will just be displayed in a better way.

At the top you will see links to all other areas of the network because, even though Fulham FC are the epitome of sport, there are other teams, and other types of sport that may catch your eye - all with the same, quality content that you're used to.

You will of course notice the picture orientated headlines at the top - this is where you will find the latest and most important news, opinions, and all else, on Fulham.

Underneath that, the articles will continue in a latest-story-first format, or, to be pedantic, reverse-chronological order.

In that sense, things are very much similar to before. You'll still have access to the great content, you'll just be viewing it in a slightly different environment.

Even so, if you have any questions or queries, go ahead and share them in the comments section and I will, I'm sure, get back to you as soon as possible.