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Berbatov won't be paying Fiorentina

After Fiorentina insisted that Dimitar Berbatov reimburse the club for the striker's plane ticket into Florence, the forward's agent has stated that no such transaction will be taking place.

Clive Rose - Getty Images

Dimitar Berbatov's agent, Emil Dantchev, has told Fiorentina that they can forget receiving any money from his client after turning down the Italian club and instead joining former manager, Martin Jol, at Fulham.

Berbatov had a busy end to the transfer window after it seemed that his move to Fiorentina was all but finalised, only for the player to change his mind and give in to the temptation of joining Serie A champions, Juventus. However, that wasn't enough for Berbatov and, to add further fuel to the fire, he decided to turn down Europe's old lady too, favouring a move to London with Fulham.

Understandably, Fiorentina were somewhat rattled by the fiasco and responded, in turn, by suggesting that Berbatov should pay for the flight which took him into Florence, ahead of proposed contract negotiations with the club.

It now seems, though, that neither Berbatov or his agent will be bowing down to the Italian demands and the pair seem happy to face their wrath.

After being fielded a question about the scenario, Dantchev responded:

"Why should we pay for the plane?

"Juventus and Fiorentina were two options for Dimitar, but then he chose England and coach Jol's Fulham. A choice that satisfies us fully."

It seems that Fiorentina will be sticking to their guns, however.

"There was no explanation with Juventus over Berbatov," said Fiorentina sporting director, Daniele Prade.

"Anyway I'm still waiting for Berbatov and his agent to return to us the money for the plane ticket. When it happens I'll say it publicly."