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Fiorentina want Berba compensation

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Fiorentina are seeking compensation from Dimitar Berbatov and his agent after turning down a move to the Italian club.

The Viola supplied the funds for Berbatov's flight to Florence but the Bulgarian never turned up, amid rumours that he had opted for rivals Juventus instead.

As it turns out, neither would be his destination as the striker was persuaded to team up with former boss Martin Jol at Fulham, but Fiorentina are far from happy with the saga.

In a statement released on transfer deadline day, the Italian side went on to claim that Berbatov was not worthy of their club and the values it represents.

And now, sporting director Daniele Prade is insisting that Fulham's new signing must reimburse the club's expenditure from his flight.

"Berbatov? The final lines of our press statement are just my thoughts," he told Radio Blu.

"I'm glad that he did not arrive. We will request to his agent the money we paid for their flight to come to Florence, 100 percent."

Sour grapes? Just a little.