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Collecting Questions For Crystal Palace has agreed to answer questions for this weeks match. Have them submitted by 10/16 to make sure I have time to send them on.

Paul Gilham

I said after the draw with West Brom Fulham needed 7-8 points from Cardiff, Stoke, Crystal Palace, and Southampton. So far they've only taken three. With Southampton flying high and looking quite good; getting a result there, much less three points, is going to be a tall order. That makes this game with Palace much more important. Getting three points is almost a must going into a brutal fixture list: Manchester United, Liverpool (away), Swansea, West Ham (away), Spurs, Aston Villa, Everton (away), Manchester City. If Fulham got more than six points from that list, I'd be surprised. Which makes this palace game much bigger than it should be.