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Bring Back Mousa Dembele To Fulham

It has been obvious that Fulham have some holes this season and one just happens to be in central midfield. Well, there was speculation this weekend that Mousa Dembele might want to move away from Spurs. I feel Fulham should make every effort to bring Dembele back to Fulham.

Jamie McDonald

Now, the possibility of Dembele playing again for Fulham would benefit the player and the club. I will discuss later on that a transfer would be costly, but seriously worth exploring. Before I go there, how does this help Dembele and Fulham?

First, the benefit for Dembele would be playing regularly, and having the chance once again to show his creative ability. With the World Cup coming up, he really needs to be playing on a consistent basis, and Dembele has been coming off of the bench in a few matches lately.

If he wants to be a part of the Belgium National Team going to Brazil, a starting role that centers around him could help a great deal. If he came back to Fulham, he would probably go back to his creative central midfielder role which can feature his on-ball skills.

Right now with Spurs, he is seeing his time being diminished by other more defensive players. When Dembele is given the freedom to express himself on the pitch, he can be incredible to watch. Since he has been at Spurs, he does not look like the same player to me, as he is more of a piece to the puzzle, than the big fish in the small pond.

With Fulham, the system I feel would be built around him creating opportunities for the strikers up front. If he came back to Fulham, I think we would see the Dembele that Fulham fans remember.

The benefit for Fulham is pretty obvious as the club has never been the same since he left. The team misses a central midfielder who can create. Fulham currently deploy two defensive midfielders, and they do their job defensively, but really do not offer enough offensively.

Dembele would take care of a huge missing piece to the Fulham puzzle, as the play would flow so much better with him controlling the play. I would really like to see what Fulham would look like with Scott Parker, and Dembele playing together.

Another benefit for the club is that it would demonstrate to the fans a commitment to improve the club with ambition to move us forward. We all know how great a player Dembele can be, and this one move could push us towards a club in the top ten.

Now, obviously to make this happen, it would cost a serious amount of money to take him away from Spurs. Fulham received fifteen million for the sale of Dembele, and I don't think it is unreasonable to pay that fee or more for a player that would be very valuable to the club.

Dembele is the the type of player that you spend the money on, and know what you are going to get in return. Fulham have not spent a huge transfer fee on a player since Bryan Ruiz two years ago. It is time they did, and Dembele is the right target.

Fulham manager Martin Jol knows the value of Dembele as he still speaks about him often in pressers. I think it is time the Fulham manager made a pitch to the Fulham owner regarding Dembele.

As a fan, if Dembele is available, I just want Fulham to seriously explore the possibility of bringing him back to Craven Cottage. This is a win-win for the player and the club, and it really makes sense to look into.

Dembele left Fulham Football Club last summer, and based on the comments afterwards, I think he left on good terms. It is time to see what it would take to bring Dembele back to Fulham.

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