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Pajtim Kasami's black and white army

One man's quest to keep Fulham in the Premier League.

Julian Finney

Every article related to the club of late has been negative, with fans reflecting a journalist’s need to state the obvious – Fulham are underperforming.

Putting all that aside, which I understand is difficult, there is one person I feel should be exempt from the confidence-stripping headlines, and that’s Pajtim Kasami.

Tenacious and courageous, Kasami, who grabbed headlines recently with a stunning goal at Crystal Palace, is far more than this one off achievement would suggest.

An all round midfielder, Kasami supplements both the attacking and defensive passages of play with intelligent positioning and hard work – closing down the opposition in all areas of the pitch.

With tomorrow’s game at Anfield being in some ways an inevitable disappointment, Kasami, who recently commented "we need to step up and play as a team", presents passion and desire - foreign traits to the majority of the team.

At the age of just 21, Kasami is for me the future of our football club. His encouraging displays and post-match comments present him as not only a great footballer, but a great leader too. If we are to turn this season around then more players need to at least aspire to emulate what Kasami produces every week, as the energies of one man cannot be held responsible for the success of a club, regardless of how impressive they are.