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Martin Jol Fired

This has been coming for a long time. The atmosphere around the Cottage was so toxic, I can't even imagine what it would have been like if Jol had been out there on Wednesday.

Ian Walton

As a surprise to almost no one, Martin Jol is gone. He had two good chances to save his job, last week against Swansea and yesterday against West Ham. Either he couldn't take advantage, or he couldn't motivate the players to take advantage. In either case, it was probably time for him to go. As someone who's been let go from a job in the past, I always feel bad for someone else losing theirs, but I'm sure Jol will be all right. I think this was a decision that just about made itself.

As of right now, Rene Meulensteen will be taking over the first team duties. It remains to be seen whether a full time manager will be brought in, a new director of football will be brought in, or what other changes might happen. My personal preference is to let Meulensteen handle the head coaching responsibility and hire someone to be the director of football/technical director. I'd like to see a relationship like Andre Villas Boas and Franco Baldini have at Tottenham.

What ever the final configuration is, Meulensteen has his work cut out for him in the short term. There's a good chance to take points over the next month. It wouldn't shock me to see Fulham take 15 points over December. If they can do that going into the January home match against Sunderland, they'll be in a good position to stay up. But if they continue to flounder, Meulensteen will likely be the coach of a Championship side next year.

What does everyone else thing? Was this too soon? Not soon enough? Are you happy with Meulensteen taking over? What other changes do you want to see?