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Three Questions about West Ham

This week's three questions is with Iron Views Once again. Be sure to go back there to read the Q&A I did with them.

Warren Little

Let's just agree to forget that last game ok? Nothing happened between now and Boxing Day. Hopefully Fulham can regain their form before these two important home fixtures.

CC: The Fulham match may have been one of the high points of the season for West Ham so far, but it doesn't look like things have been turned around that much by it. What's gone wrong for West Ham since? What's gone right?

Iron Views: I think most of us thought that it was another turning point (ala the Tottenham game) however, it was little more than a false dawn as we've only won once since then. What's gone wrong since then? The same that has been wrong all season to be honest, just not being clinical enough upfront and now we have no fit senior CB's - meaning at both ends of the pitch we are pretty abysmal. We do love a good old injury pile up at West Ham! What has gone right since? Nothing to be perfectly honest. Carlton Cole has notched 2 in three games? Apart from that I am struggling. Maiga looks more and more promising? I'm clutching at straws with those two as positives!

CC: The team has fallen closer to a relegation fight. How confident are you that they stay up? Is there any scenario you see that causes Allardyce to lose his job?

IV: Although a minority have written us off, and have nagged and harassed the board regarding Sam Allardyce's continuing as Manager - there is no man I'd rather have in charge for this sort of nitty gritty season. You look at the table; any team from 10th down is still in touching distance with one another. If Allardyce was to go you'd have to think some may even look at bringing him in to shore up their seasons.

However, if we don't get our injured players back - specifically some CB's then we are going to be in for a torrid time. Andy Carroll's imminent (apparently) return should buoy us regardless.

CC: Fulham have been a much better squad since Meulensteen took over for Jol. How do you feel about this match given the different trajectories the clubs are on?

IV: You have definitely had a better run in since our last meeting as you've beaten Villa and Norwich - two teams I expect not to pull away from danger anytime soon - whereas we have struggled against fellow relegation candidates in WBA, Palace and Sunderland. You categorically have to beat those around you in the table.

The match itself, well, put it this way I'm quite glad I'll most likely be hungover and at work! I can see it being a very cagey game as we both simply need to win it to start propelling ourselves up the table.

Projected lineup, and score prediction


My predicted line-up:

GK: Jussi
RB: Demel
CB: Diarra
CB: McCartney
LB: Rat
RM: Diame
CM: Noble
CM: Morrison
LM: Jarvis
AM: Nolan
CF: Cole

Score Prediction:

With no fit senior CB's you'll score. With Carlton Cole in 'goal scoring form' (I use that lightly...) and Maiga showing signs of promise we have a decent chance. I'll go/pray/hope for a 1-2 win. Rodallega for you, Cole and a Noble penalty for us.