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Four Reasons Fulham won't go down

A somewhat chirpier look at our situation, even if devoid of facts.

Paul Gilham

There's a lot of negativity spreading around like pollen right now, so, I thought, why not shed some positive light on this gloomy situation that Fulham find themselves in? It isn't the natural retort of a Fulham fan - outright optimism - but I like to buck the trend. Here are four reasons we won't go down (and if we do, no, you cannot sue).

1. We're too good - Have you ever seen a team with Dimitar Berbatov in it get relegated? Okay, maybe that rhetoric is a little misleading, not least because the Bulgarian has spent the majority of his professional career at particularly high end clubs, but the premise still stands. We just have too much quality to find ourselves in the Championship, from the back row right up the pitch. Admittedly, this squad is a patchwork attempt at building a team - and a poor attempt at that - but even though we've been left with the likes of Phillippe Senderos and Giorgos Karagounis filling quite pertinent gaps, there is still a lot talent around them.

If I weren't already acclimatised to their mediocre performances, I'd be salivating right now at the prospect of pairing Bryan Ruiz with Berbatov but, of course, pessimism comes with hindsight. Maybe they'll be better next year when we stay up.

2. The clubs around us are too bad - I may be generalising here, but there is a fair argument in this statement. I'd say only Newcastle United, from those near us in the table, have a genuinely more talented first team than we do. Wigan Athletic rely on pure guile, and do a good job at that, while it's hard to fathom why the likes of Stoke City and Norwich City are not already down. So, while five sides continue to separate us and the bottom three, I will have faith that we could be far worse off.

3. We could easily win both of our remaining games - Yes, yes, Liverpool are in this wondrously rich vain of form, but that doesn't mean we're no good at beating them. We have won four and lost three of our last seven Craven Cottage meetings with the Merseysiders and I would happily take those odds in a relegation dogfight. And, as for Swansea City, though we have always made a hash of it in the past, I have confidence we could overturn them on their turf if necessary. They've got nothing to play for at this time of the season and we know best of all what that means!

4. We just don't do relegation - This, of course, isn't technically true, but we have become well accustomed to avoiding the drop over our twelve, consistent Premier League years. Whenever we have got sucked in, we've found a way out and this year will prove no different.