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Fulham Should Just Say "NO" To Offers for Alex Kacaniklic

After each season is over, it is just a matter of time before speculation starts with other clubs being interested in key Fulham players. The rumors have begun that Tottenham Hotspur might have interest in another Fulham player and that would be left winger Alex Kacaniklic. I feel Fulham should just say no to offers for Kacaniklic.

Mike Hewitt

The Daily Mail had a story five days ago that Spurs were scouting Kacaniklic during his match playing for Sweden against Macedonia. As a Fulham supporter, this story obviously was unsettling to read, but not shocking as these types of story always seem to happen after the season ends.

Also, Kacaniklic is a young player with a huge upside so it comes as no surprise that Kacaniklic was being scouted by Spurs. The only surprise for me is that I expected links to Kacaniklic to happen after next season because he is still maturing and growing as a player.

Well, if another club comes knocking on the door for Kacaniklic, I hope Fulham closes the door on them, because he is the type of young player someday you might be able to build around. I understand that bigger clubs will always try to take the best players from smaller clubs, but there are certain players right now that are untouchable I feel, and Kacaniklic is one of them.

Kacaniklic will not turn twenty two years old until mid August, and according to is under contract for one more season plus an option for one further year. It makes no sense for Fulham to sell a player that is really at the beginning of his career.

Now, there would be two reasons that could force Fulham to sell Kacaniklic at some point. First, if a club came in with an extreme offer, Fulham might have to weigh the financial benefits of a transfer compared to the loss of this young talent. If the deal was so in favor of Fulham, than it is something they would have to think about.

The other reason would be a desire of the player to leave Fulham. I have seen no indication that Kacaniklic is looking to move away from the club. If Kacaniklic started acting similar to Clint Dempsey from last summer, the club would have to consider a deal.

But, Fulham needs to put the club first, and they need to stay strong to keep this young player. If I were in charge of the club, I would certainly be talking to the agent of Kacaniklic about a new deal. This is a player you want to lock up for a longer period of time so you can strengthen your position against other clubs that come knocking.

There are also a few good reasons why Kacaniklic should stay at Fulham for his benefit. First, he has improved as a player under Fulham manager Martin Jol, and something tells me he will only get better under his leadership.

Second, he has the ability to improve by playing with teammates like Dimitar Berbatov and Bryan Ruiz. You can already see the partnership building with Kacaniklic and Berbatov last season so it is not a stretch to see it getting even stronger this upcoming season.

Third, he should have the opportunity to play regularly with Fulham next season, and if he goes to larger club, he might not see as much playing time. Say he was to go with Spurs, he might not see regular action, as Dempsey found out for himself last season. For his development as a player, I think it is crucial that he plays on a consistent basis as much as possible.

Hopefully as you read this article you can see how the working relationship between Kacaniklic and Fulham benefits both sides moving forward. Dempsey improved as a player considerably over his years with the club, and I could see that same type of growth with Kacaniklic, if he continues to play for Fulham in the future.

Last summer Fulham lost their two best players to Spurs, and if they were seriously interested in buying Kacaniklic, I think it would be a very bad idea to sell him to that club. Nothing against Spurs, but Fulham do not want to be a feeder system for another club. I think they would really get that reputation which is something they do not want.

Fulham have a huge summer ahead of them to build an improved club for the 2013-2014 season. So far they have added three players that should significantly help the club, but they would take a step backwards if they were to sell Kacaniklic this summer. Again, Fulham just need to say "NO" to offers for Kacaniklic.