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Cottage Talk: Could There Be An Ownership Change At Fulham?

Take a listen to the radio show that focuses on Fulham Football Club.

Scott Cunningham

In this episode, we spent the majority of the time discussing the potential sale of Fulham Football Club to Shahid Khan. This story has been developing this week, and we shared our thoughts on it.

We had three guests to talk about this story, and joining us first was Matt Chantry, who is the head of Fulham In Florida. He shared with us his thoughts on this potential takeover.

Next, Dean Jones, who is a football writer for The People came on, and shared his opinion on the potential sale of the club. He also shared his thoughts on the summer transfer window for Fulham so far.

Lastly, Cole Pepper joined us for an interview, and he is a sports anchor for WJXT in Jacksonville. He also has his own blog and podcast which he talks about the Jaguars. He shared with us his thoughts on Shahid Kahn, and what Fulham supporters could expect if he becomes the owner of the club. Please do listen to this very interesting episode of Cottage Talk.

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