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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors!

Remember when I said that as soon as I posted a story there would be a whole new batch of rumors? Well, yeah that happened.

Claudio Villa

First up is more proof that once Fulham is linked to a player the links will never go away. The Daily Mail is reporting that the club is going to be talking to Junior Malanda. Fulham were linked to him in January, and I previously wrote about links to him from Sky Sports. So, why are the rumors starting up again? Well apparently there is some aspect of Belgian Law that allows a player to terminate his contract and join a new club where an arbitrator will then decide on the fee paid to the old club. This would probably make him cheaper and end the haggling over the small difference in value that stopped the deal in January. Also leading to the rumors is the fact that he and his father flew into London to "visit family" and arrived not very long after the Fulham team came back from Costa Rica. All the puzzle pieces seem to fit together, but when has football ever been so simple? I'd love to have him at the club, though I don't know if he's ready to step into a first team role or if he'd be with the U21's. I have a hard time believing he'd step ahead of Chris David or Pajtim Kasami.

And what would a day of rumors be with links to twitter? Tancredi Palmeri, an Italian CNN Sports Correspondent, posted two juicy bits on twitter today:

That would be Walter Gargano of Napoli and Pablo Osvaldo of Roma. I don't watch any Serie A, so I don't have any knowledge of the two players. Likely nothing comes of either. Both seem to be a little too expensive to be coming to Fulham. Unless Kahn has really opened the check book I doubt we'd see either.