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Martin Jol Gives an Update

Martin Jol gives some strong hints that we can use to figure out what kind of transfers may be happening soon

Jan Kruger

Usually there isn't much but manager speak in these updates, but I did find a few interesting notes in this one. Martin Jol mentioned that the team was close to bringing in one or two more players right away plus that one or two of the loanees would probably be back. This implies to me that Eyong and Manolev might be coming back (two moves I would support). I'm also guessing that this almost surely confirms that the Bakary Sako deal will get done soon. Given all of that plus the renewed rumors of Tom Huddlestone, I'd say that this is confirming a lot of the chatter that is floating around.

Perhaps my favorite part of the interview is his discussion of getting the team business done early this year. As exciting as transfer deadline day is, I'd gladly trade being glued to twitter and Sky Sports News for having the squad set and together for the first match.

Other than that, not a whole lot new is said; but I still think it's worth watching if you haven't already.