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The perfect start

One game in and one win. Are away day blues are a thing of the past? See Martin Jol's post-match reaction.

Matthew Lewis

Starting last season with an emphatic 5-0 victory over Norwich was a rarity for Fulham. We normally start slowly – we’re sluggish and ‘polite’ – and it’s a few weeks before we find some sort of tangible form. That, coinciding with the fact we are notoriously poor away from home meant that on paper, today’s fixture against Sunderland was going to be a tough one.

As the cliched response to the cliched statement would suggest however, games aren’t written on paper. After battling for 90+ minutes we came away with a well deserved 3 points – a result that will certainly lift spirits and hopefully propel us into next weeks game at home to Arsenal.

Being a Fulham fan however, I’m weary of the fact that ‘winning-on-the-trot’ is difficult. Yes we have won consecutively before, but I feel that as a club we have attached a stigma to it – like winning away – which makes the possible feat that little bit impossible.

Arsenal will want to bounce back with a performance, and more importantly a win, given their poor start to the season, so I can see next weeks game being tough from the off. That said however, this is the premier league and there are no easy games.

All the more reason to enjoy today’s victory really!

Below Martin Jol discusses the teams performance after securing a fantastic away win.

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"I think it was a perfect away result but not a perfect performance"

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