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Well That Certainly Wasn't Good, But It Could Have Been Worse

I couldn't actually watch the game, I did listen to most of it from the Fulham site. Unfortunately, I had a conference call which made miss both Burton goals. So maybe I'm to blame? Thankfully my call was over and I rejoined to hear Fulham score again, and listen to the shoot out.

Paul Thomas

I don't know exactly what to write about this game. Since I didn't actually get to see anything, I can't really comment on who played poorly and who had a decent game. Taarabt did score, but he was subbed off at halftime. The opinions of Ruiz I saw on twitter were mixed, and his penalty miss/make probably would have stopped my heart if I was watching. Riise seems to have been the goat of the game, as both goals came from crosses on his side. However, he did score the clinching penalty, so there's that. From the sounds of things, Rodallega and Kacaniklic both were pretty good in their short time.

If anyone has a better opinion (possibly because you actually got to watch), go ahead and give your take. I'd be quite interested to actually hear from people who got to see it. Hearing commentary just can't compare to actually seeing things with your eyes.

I'll leave you with this thought that I posted in the gamethread:

I woke up early and watched all of the Sunderland game live. Fulham won. I didn’t wake up at 4:45 AM for Arsenal, and instead watched the game on DVR. Fulham lost. I listened live to the first 70 minutes of this game, then had to join a conference call. Fulham were one up and in control while I was listening, and down 2-1 in extra time when I came back. Then Fulham score a goal to equalize and win on penalties when I was resumed listening.

What I’ve learned is, I have to watch/listen to every game live. It all depends on me. That’s a reasonable statement right? I’m not insane?