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BBC: Sports The Adel Taarabt Signing Looks Nearly Done

Wow, that escalated quickly.

Chung Sung-Jun

From a post on a message board, to a medical in under a week. BBC Sport is confirming that Adel Taarabt is at Motospur Park for a medical today. Of all the sources in English media, the BBC seems to have the best track record; so I'd say the odds of this being true are quite high. I'm still amazed about how quickly this got done. I'm used to things like Bakary Sako, Derek Boateng, and Tom Huddlestone. Where the rumors drag on for so long that when the player finally signs it's of no surprise. Or in the advent of the deal falling apart, it has been so long since the first rumor that it's easy to accept. This went from random speculation to done nearly done in a heart beat.

If this is truly a season long loan, I don't see a lot of downside to it. The only problems would arise from Taarabt's attitude or if he simply isn't able or is unwilling to play the deeper CM position that he is asked to. In either of those cases you can simply leave him off the squad and the team loses very little. They'd probably need to do work in January to replace him, but that isn't something Jol should have a problem with. The also has the potential to be Taarabt's last shot in the Premier League and I hope he knows it. If he has problems at Fulham, and they send him back to an unpromoted QPR side, he might never get another shot again. Sometimes players like that can be motivated to perform.

The upside is pretty high however. I believe Taarabt has the potential to be a Dembele like player for Fulham. He's skilled and strong enough on the ball to handle the middle of the pitch, he's not a bad passer, and he has a dangerous shot from distance. Having a player like that roaming the middle of the pitch should open up spaces for our other attackers.

What say you Fulham Fans? Is this a good signing? Can Taarabt handle CM duties next to Derek Boateng?