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Fulham Transfer Deadline Day, Early Rumors

Deadline Day is quickly approaching, here's a summary of the rumors floating around before everything begins in earnest on Monday.

Matthew Lewis

Fulham are apparently interested in Michael Mancienne. He's a versatile defender who can play all four positions on the back line and even as a defensive mid. It sounds like just the kind of player Jol has been talking about bringing in. The fact that he's only 25 and English to boot makes it sound unlikely to me though.

Rumors have been swirling about Jol being interested in Jack Cork. Again, it makes sense from a certain perspective as he's a midfielder who can also play in defense. But since he's 24 and English, I wouldn't get my hopes up (noticing a pattern?). Of course if you did have your hopes up, Southampton would do their best to crush them, by denying he's for sale.

Finally, it's pretty well known that Jol has given John Arne Riise and Phillipe Senderos permission to leave. Riise was long rumored to be going to Werder Bremen, however that club just signed a left back and probably no longer has any interest. Of course means that both players are rumored to be going to QPR. At this point, suggesting QPR is going to take a Fulham cast off is so lazy that I don't even know if I should believe it.

That's not the only rumor involving Riise. Reports are circulating that the club is somehow going to work in Riise for a swap to get Yohan Benalouane. Again, it fits the rumors of Jol looking for a versatile defender. Maybe the Italian clubs remember his time at Roma fondly enough to overlook his recent play.

I expect something to get done by the end of Monday. Though I don't see anything major. Probably Riise and Senderos being gone with some combination of Mancienne, Benalouane, and Cork coming in. Of course, the club could surprise us like they did last year with Berbatov, I just don't see it.