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Fulham defeat Everton 2-1 in Capital One Cup 3rd Round

I wasn't expecting a win. And after the first half I was feeling pretty down about the club. But the team seemed inspired in the second half.

Richard Heathcote

It's hard to write a recap of a game I didn't watch. I seem to get more nervous when I'm listening to Fulham try to kill a game versus watch it. To make matters worse, seconds after the game ended my building was evacuated and I had to walk down and then back up seven flights of stairs. If the game didn't have me out breath, that certainly did.

I have a lot of questions about the match that remain unanswered:

When Fulham pulled off John Arne Riise for Fernando Amorebieta, did Eslad Zverotic move up to midfield and did we play three at the back?

Fulham seemed to be offside a lot. According to Gentleman Jim's commentary (which I was listening to), the assistant referee's were not calling it correctly. Was this true or is he just a homer?

I'm sure I could come up with more, but I'm just happy to get a win and am actually looking forward to the draw for the next round. Hopefully the team can build on this going into the next league match.