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Kerim Frei Heading to Bursaspor

We've heard he's leaving from all sorts of clubs in Turkey all summer long. Yet, Fulham haven't acknowledged it ever. Reports are coming out that he's now officially left the club.

Julian Finney

The Daily Mail is reporting that Kerim Frei is leaving Fulham to join Bursaspor in Turkey. Him leaving to a Turkish club isn't a shock as it's been rumored all Summer. First Galatasary, then Besiktas, now Bursaspor. The club has not confirmed it to be the case, but I'd guess that this is probably true. One clue was the earlier story Fulham posted about players on international duty. Curiously, Frei was not mentioned at all in the story yet he is with Turkey. That should have hinted that perhaps the club already saw him as gone.

I'm not sure how much playing time Frei was realistically going to get at Fulham. Alex Kacaniklic has passed him, and there are loads of young wingers right on his heels. The one depressing thing about the transfer is the fee. It's being reported as only £2.5M, which seems awfully low to me. That's pretty close to what TransferMarkt lists his value at, but I would have preferred to see the club hold out for a little more.