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UPDATED: Fulham Confirm Kerim Frei to Besiktas

Ok, this is just getting silly. I thought silly season was over. The Daily Mail said Bursaspor had beat out Besiktas for Frei. disagreed. But Now Besiktas seems to have signed him. Can we get a word from Fulham?

Christopher Lee

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that Kerim Frei to Bursaspor was a done deal, and we wrote about it. As of this morning, still claimed it was Besiktas who had signed him. Now Besiktas says they've got him and has pictures to prove it. Of course the Fulham website still lists him as a Fulham player. I suppose that those pictures could have been from fitness tests Frei did with the national team, but this is as close to 100% as we've gotten in this entire story. I have a hard time believing that Besiktas would make something that crazy up.

So now I guess we just wait and see. Maybe it's a sale, maybe it's a loan. Who knows. I just want silly season done.

UPDATE: Fulham have now confirmed the transfer. Link