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Three Questions about Nowich with James Kent

You may recognize James from his appearances on Cottage Talk or his writing about Norwich in various places on the web. He graciously agreed to answer three questions for me about this match.

Charlie Crowhurst

Didn't Fulham just travel to Carrow Road for a match? I guess this is the beauty of the FA Cup.

CC: So, the first match happened and Fulham were able to squeak out a victory. What do you expect to be different in the FA Cup match?

James Kent: Obviously, the recent league game was a big disappointed for all Norwich fans as we expected to take something out of the game. It is always difficult when it comes to cup games because we can never be quite sure what to expect as they are never quite like league games.

I would expect Chris Hughton will be keen to put things right in this game and progress to the next round in the cup. We will also have home advantage again and that will mean that Hughton will feel he owes the home fans a performance.

CC: How important do you think the FA Cup is to the club? Would the majority of supporters be ok putting out a weakened, youth heavy squad if it meant that the league campaign went better?

JK: At the start of the season, I would have liked to see Norwich compete in the top half in the league and maybe win a cup. However, the season up to this point hasn’t gone as well as I was expecting, which is clearly a big disappointment. I think most of us fans recognise that we are right in a relegation dogfight and that means the league has to take priority.

Under the circumstances, I would be happy enough if Hughton put out a weakened team and understand the reasons why. However, bearing in mind we are up against a decent Premier League side, I would be very surprised if Hughton plays a total reserve side.

CC: Would a draw in this fixture be the worst possible result?

IV: Yes, I would agree with that. Both of our clubs are right in the middle of this fight for survival and I think it’s better to lose than have a cup reply. Basically, I see this game as a distraction from the league campaign and that can be good or bad.

Projected lineup, and score prediction

IV: Obviously, I hope we can gain some revenge for our league defeat, so I’ll go with a 1-0 home win.
I would expect the line-up to be fairly strong with a couple of reserve players thrown in for good measure:
Bunn, Garrido, R.Bennett, Turner, Snodgrass, Johnson, Howson, Josh Murphy, Hoolahan, van Wolfswinkel.