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US National team to face Croatia at Craven Cottage?

There are reports that the US Soccer Federation is in talks for a game against Croatia.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The match up between the two sides is rumored to be taking place Wednesday, November 12th at Craven Cottage. Both the date and the location make a lot of sense. The USMNT will be playing a friendly November 18th against Ireland in Dublin. A London location would be an easy base to have for training before the short trip from London to Dublin.

Craven Cottage also makes a lot of sense. Shahid Khan has worked with the USSF before. Hosting games at Everbank field in Jacksonville. He's also a very rich man and exactly the kind of guy the USSF would like to cozy up to. It isn't surprising that they'd talk about using his other stadium for friendlies. Craven Cottage is also a very good size. Very often when the US plays overseas they are in half empty stadiums with very few American supporters. London has quite a few American ex-pats, it's very easy for tourists from American to get to, and the stadium isn't so large that filling it would be a problem.

It's also a nice idea because of the history between Fulham and America. We all know Fulham's history with American players in the past. We know the club has an American owner. But even the current setup has Americans. From Emerson Hyndman with the first team, to Lucas De La Torre with the U-18's, down to Moravek brothers at the lower youth levels.

Finally, this game will have special meaning for Croatia as it comes just after the 24th anniversary of their first every international match, also a game against the United States.