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Fulham set to name manager and possibly a director of football

Danny Murphy had previously claimed the committee was close. New reports say the appointments could come soon.

Matthew Lewis

First, Danny Murphy said that the committee was close to appointing their man. Now reports are that the team not only wants to appoint a manager, but a director of football as well.

I've made my feelings clear on this in the past, but I will re-iterate for everyone who might not remember. I'm a big proponent of having a director of football above a manager. The job is just too big in the modern game for one man to do everything. Especially for someone new to the job like Kit.

The report states that Fulham want a director of football if Kit Symons is given the full time job. This makes perfect sense. Complicating matters though is that the first choice is Alan Curbishley. You may remember when he was given the same role briefly under Rene Meulensteen. Curbishley is still a bit sour after the treatment he received when Magath was brought in, and really who could blame him? I only hope that Kit's job doesn't rest on the ability to convince him to come back.

The other names still being bandied about for the job are Chris Hughton and Steve Clarke. They've both been rumored since the beginning, and they might just be the last two outside candidates standing.

I don't expect an announcement to be made until after the Norwich game. However, if the club does decide on Kit, it might make sense to announce it earlier. Norwich is going to be a hard fixture. If the club were to have a poor result it might be hard to announce Kit Symons as the new manager right afterwards. In any case, this whole ordeal will soon be over and we'll be able to keep swooning over Kit or have someone new to kick around.