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Report: Kit Symons will leave Fulham if not offered the managers job

A report in the London Evening Standard says.

Mike Hewitt

The report says that over sixty people have applied for the job with Tim Sherwood, Neil Lennon, Chris Hughton, Steve Clarke and Gianfranco Zola being the others in competition with Mr. Symons for the job. It also says that he will walk away from Fulham if he's overlooked. Having him leave the club completely would be a rather large blow as he's been a big part of the academy an youth setup that has been so impressive.

Symons has been very impressive and has the support of almost every fan that I know. It would quite horrible if his future at the club is decided on what happens away at Middlesborough. I'm confident the team can get a result, but football is a game dependent on luck and it's possible to get unlucky. Hopefully Mr. Khan and the selection committee will look past results and into how the club is playing. It should be obvious to most anyone that they are playing a better brand of football now. This squad has the talent to succeed and really just needs a manager who isn't crazy and knows how to put the best side out there game in and game out.