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Kit Symons talks Norwich result and Rotherham midweek

These interviews with Kit Symons are a joy to watch after what we've went through with the last few managers.

What I have loved about Kit more than anything is that he's brutally honest. The Norwich game was ugly and Fulham really had to grind out a result. He wasn't afraid to admit and state that they played poorly. Even though he felt the penalty decision was soft, he understood why it was given and talked to Dan Burn about it. I like that he's going to teach and coach and not just scream at the players.

Talking about Lasse Vigen Christensen setting up Sean Kavanagh for a goal, and talking about how he'd seen it before with the U21's was quite a good moment.

He previews the Rotherham match, and admits that while he doesn't like to make a lot of changes, the Fulham squad were pretty well spent after the Norwich match. Combining that with the injuries still to Fernando Amorebieta and Tim Hoogland, and you might see quite a different lineup on Tuesday.